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Book Review: Splintered

Book: Splintered

Author: A. G. Howard

Recommend: If you like the darker side of Alice in wonderland this one might be for you.

I have always been a fan of a darker imagining of the Alice in Wonderland tale. I love the recent version that was directed by Tim Burton and played the crazy dark American McGee version of the story on my computer. When I saw this book and figured out what it was, I simply couldn’t pass it  up.

Alyssa is a descendant of Alice Liddell, the girl who would become the inspiration for Alice in the Lewis Carroll classic tale. Every woman in her family has gone insane due to the literary ties and Alyssa knows that since she is already hearing the voices of the bug and flowers, she will eventually join them unless she does something. However, things are not at all what they seem and when you’re dealing with Wonderland, that shouldn’t be very surprising.

Twisted, dark and unexpected is exactly what to expect when reading a book based on Alice in Wonderland which is exactly what you get with this one. Overall, this was a mad rush through the original story with lots of twists and turns where the Carroll tale didn’t have things quite right, much in the style of the Burton version of the story.

There were a couple of places in the story where things slowed down a bit or were a bit hard to grasp due to the completely nonsensical nature of it all. I would say that the ending also needed a bit more clarification and the last couple of lines were cheestastic (my word again – I know) however none o fit was so distracting that I wanted to put this one down.

Definitely worth the read if you are an Alice fan.

Final Rating:

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Book Review: The Graveyard Book

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Book: The Graveyard Book

Author: Neil Gaiman

Recommend: This was a fun, short jaunt in the land of the macabre.

I am a big fan of Neil Gaiman. He reminds me of the Tim Burton of literature. His books are always completely unique and quirky with a dark side while still maintaining an overall satisfying experience. This book is no different.

When a toddler unwittingly escapes the murder after him and wanders into a graveyard, he is adopted by the ghosts. They keep him safe and raise him amongst the dead because beyond the graveyard the man who murdered his family is waiting, still seeking the little boy who got away.

While the plot of the book sounds terrifying, it centers more on the boy and his unique childhood. It is funny in places, odd in others and some things never quite get explained. However, instead of it taking away from the story, it adds to it. The easy and frank prose makes for an enjoyable and quick read.

I was trying to find something that I could say that was negative. I try to give at least one thing that might put a reader off the book. The only thing I could come up with for this book is that the topic is a bit strange and might not be for every reader.

If you haven’t journeyed into the worlds of Neil Gaiman this one is a great place to start.

Final Rating:

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Books that need a movie!

Okay, we’ve all read books that simply would make amazing movies and yet for some reason or another, no one has bothered to invest in them. With the amount of poorly written plots that have invaded cinema today, I wish they would turn to books for inspiration more often. If I worked in the film industry, the following books would be my pet projects.

  1. The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolni – I know some of you are thinking that they already made a movie version of the first book and it flopped. It flopped because they didn’t stay true to the book and the casting was HORRIBLE. I would love to see this whole series done well and put on the big screen. I would just tell them to feel free to change the ending to the last book.
  2. Cinder by Marissa Meyer – I think this would be a huge hit. A cyborg version of Cinderella. Yes please. I am also slightly afraid that not done right, it would come out incredibly cheesy, which would be a HUGE disservice to a great book.
  3. Eve by Anna Carey – I can’t say enough good things about this book. The main character is well written. This dystopia is even more frightening than The Hunger Games and the show of what true love really is, is a message that teens need to understand.
  4. The Lost Gate by Orson ScottCard – While they are just now getting around to turning his Ender’s Game into film, this one I think might be a better movie. With a unique setting and original magic system, it would bring a breath of fresh air to the screen.
  5. The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis – This series started out so strong and was never finished! I want to see the completion of this series. It could be picked up where it left off with little problem since the original four children don’t make an appearance until the final book as adults. Of the books I would be most anxious to see The Horse and His Boy and The Magician’s Nephew.
  6. Jane Bites Back by Michael Thomas Ford – Jane Austen as a vampire on the big screen joined by other famous authors. Enough said. I also think they would have to do the whole trilogy. Darn 😉
  7. The Wizard of Oz series by L. Frank Baum – I know I’m going to get some huge objections, but just hear me out. I absolutely love the original movie. I don’t think they should touch that. I think this Oz series needs to stay very true to the books, not be a musical and have a much darker tone. I don’t want something to replace the classic. I want a more accurate telling of the story along the lines of the new Alice in Wonderland directed by Tim Burton and I want a whole series of movies, including the story of Ozma.
  8. The Strain by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan – This vampire story was simply written for the big screen. We are in desperate need of good horror and this one completely fits the bill.
  9. Glitch by Heather Anastasiu – This book hits shelves August 7th. I was lucky enough to get my hands on an ARC (advanced reader copy). A whole society forced underground by lies and a desire to control mankind through chips. This tells the story of one girl who has a chip that malfunctions and her journey to the truth. I honestly think that if this book gets enough notice, we will be seeing it on the screen in the near future.
  10. The Sword of Truth Series by Terry Goodkind – I know this will never happen simply because the books are far too long and have too much action. You would never be able to do a book by book retelling like they’ve done with most series. The TV show however, was a massive flop as well because they strayed too far for the original storyline. Still a girl can dream can’t she?

What would be on your list of books that should make it to the movie screen?

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