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Top Ten Tuesday: Authors on my auto-buy list

Top Ten TuesdaysMy top ten artist on my auto buy list. An auto-buy list being a list of authors that you would buy a book from simply because of the author no matter the topic or genre. I can definitely thing of some names for this but I hope I can come up with ten. Many will be easy to guess I think 🙂

1. Stephenie Meyer – let’s just get this one out of the way 🙂

2. Orson Scott Card – I love everything this man has written with the exception of the Alvin Maker series and that isn’t bad, just not up my alley. I haven’t met a book by him that was badly written.

3. Terry Goodkind – Amazing. That’s all 🙂

4. J.K. Rowling – Despite The Casual Vacancy, I really love the way she writes and the characters she creates.

5. Christopher Paolini – As much as the end of Inheritance drove me insane, I love his books and would read anything he’s written.

6. Neil Gaiman – His stuff is amazing. I would start with Neverwhere or Stardust.

7. Rachel Joyce – She’s only got one book out. On the basis of her first book, I’ll buy everything else she writes… Harold Fry is NOT my kind of book but it was amazing.

8. Elizabeth Kostova – Read her second book, The Swan Thieves and you’ll see why she made this list.

9. Arthur Golden – As far as I know, he’s only written one book but that book was amazing. Might not be for everyone though.

10. Thomas Harris – This one is not for everyone. Thomas Harris created Hannibal Lecter. I really enjoy physiological thriller like these books. Monsters don’t scare me. When I am in the mood for a good scare though, these books are some of my go to favorites. Again, this not for everyone. If you don’t handle gore well, don’t pick up this author.

Who is on your top ten must buy list?



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Book Review: Black Sunday

The cover gives the whole plot away..grr!

Book: Black Sunday

Author: Thomas Harris

Recommend: If you like political thrillers where you already know what it is leading up to.

I have read the whole Hannibal Lecter series, written by Thomas Harris. This is the one book that I hadn’t tackled yet. When I saw it for one dollar a couple of weeks ago, I couldn’t pass it up! So I put it in my stack of stuff to read and thought it would be sure bet for a book I would really enjoy. I was wrong.

While this book wasn’t horrible, it was missing something. It was missing a true mastermind that was actually scary. While the plot line was very interesting, the characters really needed development. They had serious potential, but I’m not sure if there were just too many of them fighting for the main character role or that he just didn’t spend enough time developing them but it felt like it was missing something to hold it all together. For a first novel it was readable, but is not in the same league as everything that followed. I think that the author learned a lot from this process and came away knowing that he needed to create stronger characters, which he fantastically accomplished in his next book.

If you haven’t read anything by this author, you might find it satisfying but having read his other books and then following it with this one, I was somewhat disappointed. This one is going back to the used bookstore. Maybe I’ll get more back than I paid, because even a dollar was a bit much for this one.

Final Rating:

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