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Top Ten: Series I’d like to start but haven’t… yet.

Top Ten TuesdaysIt always seems like there is just not enough time i the day to get all the reading done that I would like to. There are literally stacks of books in my room waiting to be read. There are quite a few series that I have been wanting to start but just haven’t yet. A series, I find is a much larger commitment than picking up a single book or even a trilogy. With a series, unless you dislike it, you will find yourself reading from days to weeks depending on how long the books are and how many there are. One of my favorite series currently takes me over two weeks to get through and the author is still writing more! So I approach a series in a bit different manner than I approach other reading. There are quite a few that I am wanting to get into but haven’t yet. Here are a few:

1. The Dark Tower series by Stephen King – Stephen King writing fantasy! I love the way the man handles the written word even if I don’t always like his plot lines. The idea of a fantasy series written by him really seems very interesting to me. The only reason I haven’t gotten to this one yet is because I have been told I need to read quite a few books that I haven’t read yet like The Stand and It before I dive into this series. Once I finally get through these, I think I’ll pick this series up fairly quickly.

2. The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan – A friend of mine recommended these to me and I have tried to get into them but every time I have tried the first book, I really haven’t enjoyed it. I don’t think I’ve given it enough of a chance though. I’ve really only read about 20 pages into it and with a series this long, that is not nearly enough to paint an accurate picture of this author. With the end of the series just being published, I really need to get to this one!

3. The Game of Thrones series by George R.R. Martin – I have heard so much about this series and with all the buzz around the TV show that I can’t watch because I don’t get the channel, I have been very intrigued to get started on this series. I hear that this author really loves killing of his characters though so I don’t know how well we will get along….

4. The Newford Series by Charles de Lint – I have been wanting to start this after reading a book of his short stories. His writing can be so imaginative however I found that he’s a bit hit and miss. Some of his stuff has been lovely while other things have not really appealed to me. I hear that this is some of his best stuff and I really want to get around to it.

5. The Doctor Who books by various authors – I would call these books less of a series and more sanctioned fan-fiction but none the less, I’ve read one book out-of-order and would love to go back and read all the ones starting with the 9th doctor through the current material. Then I would like to go back and read the older stuff. First though, I need to get through the classic Doctor Who that’s now available on Netflix 🙂

6. The Safehold Series by David Weber – A friend of mine has recommended these to me and I have actually purchased the first couple of books in the series with the full intent of reading them. However, I don’t think I’m going to get to them until this summer because frankly these books are huge and going to be a rather long time commitment but since this is the same friend who told me to read Terry Goodkind, I’m fairly certain that I’ll be a bit obsessed with these.

7. The Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher – I find the idea behind this series very intriguing and would love to pick these up but they are not at the top of my list by any means.

8. The Maze Runner series by James Dashner – I’ve been waiting to pick these up for a while and finally got my hands on the first book. It’s currently sitting in my very large to be read pile. I think the plot line is very interesting and can’t wait to get into these!

9. The Foundation books by Isaac Asimov – I know that these are classics, I just have never gotten around to them. I know that I really need to but just haven’t gotten there yet. I’m sure I will though.

10. The Homecoming series by Orson Scott Card – I really haven’t read these because they feel like the last series by Card that I’m going to love and haven’t read yet. I’ve read almost everything else by him except for the Alvin Maker series but honestly I can’t stand any short story I’ve read from that series. I gobble up anything new he puts out but don’t want to feel like I’ve exhausted this author yet.



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Book and Movie Review: The Green Mile

DVD cover

Book and Movie: The Green Mile

Author: Stephen King

A friend lent me this one because I hadn’t read it and hadn’t seen the movie. She insisted that I needed to read the book and then see the movie. I picked it up, feeling a bit of pressure because so many people I know loved it. I have a bit of a rocky history with reading King. I often love the first 80% of his books but find many of his endings leave much to be desired. However I gamely went forward and read it. While this book is not one of those books I couldn’t put down, it definitely was a great read. It had a very different feel than many of his other works.

When I sat down to watch the movie I think the thing that I was most impressed about was that the movie stayed so true to the book. I do like that they didn’t show as much of the second execution as the book described. The book was a bit too detailed even for me. I wouldn’t suggest snacking while reading this one.

Definitely not something I would have picked up on my own but glad that someone handed it to me and told me to read it.

Final Rating:

Get it new!

Buy it new 🙂


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The end of summer and the Summer challenge 50

August 6th means that while you are reading this I am in my classroom, putting music stands and chairs out, pushing my benches back into place, pulling out instruments, and getting ready for my students to show up next week. I really can’t believe how fast this summer has gone. I spent it writing and reading like crazy. I escaped the hot sun outside and dove into a plethora of distant worlds created from the minds of others. Now though, summer is gone and I have to go back to work.

This means some changes on the blog. To start, I won’t be posting daily like I have been. I’m going for a bare minimum of once a week but am shooting for 3 times a week. We’ll see how things settle out after school starts. The end of summer also means returning to work on my master’s degree which means a huge loss of reading time for me.

I am glad that I set this challenge for myself this summer. I feel as sense of accomplishment and relief. I don’t have to push quite as hard anymore 😉

In case anyone is wondering here are the books I read for the summer challenge in the order I finished reading them! Note: Some of the reviews for these haven’t posted yet but are coming soon.

  1.  Overseas by Beatriz Williams (5/25/12)
  2.  The Kings of Casino Park by Thomas Aiello (5/28/12)
  3. A Once Crowded Sky by Tom King (5/28/12)
  4. The Piano by Jane Campion (5/28/12)
  5. Black Sunday by Thomas Harris (5/29/12)
  6. Into the Green by Charles de Lint (5/30/12)
  7. The Lost Gate by Orson Scott Card (5/31/12)
  8. The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce (5/31/12)
  9. The Sandcastle Girls by Chris Bohlijian (6/1/12)
  10. Eve by Anna Carey (6/2/12)
  11. 11/22/63 by Stephen King (6/3/12)
  12. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Seth Grahame-Smith and Jane Austen (6/4/12)
  13. The Omen Machine by Terry Goodkind (6/5/12)
  14. Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier (6/5/12)
  15. Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher (6/6/12)
  16. The Tales of Beedle the Bard by J.K. Rowling (6/6/12)
  17. Jane Slayre by Charlotte Bronte and Sherri Browning Erwin (6/7/12)
  18. Reamde by Neal Stephenson (6/12/12)
  19. The Strain by Chuck Hogan and Guillermo del Toro (6/13/12)
  20. The Map of Time by Felix J. Palma (6/15/12)
  21. Fire and Ice by Patty Jansen (6/16/12)
  22. Dirty Little Angels by Christ Tula (6/17/12)
  23. We Are Absolutely Not Okay by Students of Scriber Lake Alternative High School (6/18/12)
  24. Threat of Darkness by Valerie Hansen (6/18/12)
  25. Cinder by Marissa Meyer (6/18/12)
  26. The Pleasures of Men by Kate Williams (6/18/2012)
  27. Caught in Crystal by Patricia C. Wrede (6/19/2012)
  28. The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley (6/23/12)
  29. Room by Emma Donogue (6/24/12)
  30. The Fall by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan (6/27/12)
  31. The Night Eternal by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan (6/28/12)
  32. Soulbound by Heather Brewer (6/28/12)
  33. Duck Boy by Bill Bunn (7/2/12)
  34. Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom by Cory Doctorow (7/3/12)
  35. Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick (7/4/12)
  36. Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick (7/4/12)
  37. Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick (7/4/12)
  38. Bag of Bones by Stephen King (7/5/12)
  39. The Last Werewolf by Glen Duncan (7/6/12)
  40. Talulla Rising by Glen Duncan (7/6/12)
  41. Deadlocked by Charlaine Harris (7/7/12)
  42. Weak and Loved by Emily Cook (7/8/12)
  43. The Help by Kathryn Stockett (7/9/12)
  44. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak (7/10/12)
  45. Jane Vows Vengeance by Michael Thomas Ford (7/10/12)
  46. Sirensong by Jenna Black (7/10/12)
  47. City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare (7/11/12)
  48. The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman (7/12/12)
  49. The Future of Us by Jay Asher and Carolyn Makler (7/12/12)
  50. Article 5 by Kristen Simmons (7/13/12)

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Book Review: Bag of Bones

Cover of "Bag of Bones"

Book: Bag of Bones

Author: Stephen King

Recommend: I am a glutton for punishment but most of the book was fantastic..

I cringed when I picked this one up. I have a love hate relationship with King’s writing. I love about 75 to 80 percent of almost everything I’ve read. I hate the last quarter. He can never end a book in the way I want it to end. I think the most spectacular example of this is Under the Dome but I digress.

I really loved the first 75% of this book. I loved the main character. He was compelling in a way only a couple of King’s characters are. Everything in me wanted everything to work out for this writer. After the death of his wife, he never really recovered. Then he finally went back to their summer lake house, where almost immediately, Mike knew that something strange was going on with his house. There was something else there – something not quite alive but not completely gone either.

I loved the book.  I honestly thing one of the best things about this book is the large amount of references to Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier, a great book. Through those references, it gave the readers an idea of where the story was headed, although it is obviously not the same. If it had been, it would have had a better ending!!

The main character was enough of a skeptic to be believable but not so much that it hindered the storyline. As great as Mike was, little Ki and her mother Mattie made the book. I cant’ say much more about it, without giving away too much. I think this basically goes without saying, but just in case you haven’t read a Stephen King book there is a fair amount of adult content in the book. I definitely did some skipping in certain places, however it was the kind that is at least somewhat important to the plot.

Now I really want to see the A&E special based on the book. I just hope the ending is better than the book.

Final Rating:

Get it new!

Buy it new 🙂

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Book Review: 11/22/63

Book: 11/22/63

Author: Stephen King

Recommend: I loved most of the book..

I have been wanting to read this one for quite a while. A friend recommended it. I’ve been hearing tons of buzz about this one. When I found an available copy of it at the library, I decided that I simply had to pick it up. I was up all night finishing it.

What if you could go back in time and change the future of the world? What if you could prevent injuries, tragedies, or even the assassination of JFK? What if you could only go back to one point in history and had to live five years of your life in the past in order to be able to change that event. How would you wait five years in history to accomplish it. What if history didn’t want to change?

Stephen King is a masterful story-teller. His characters are well fleshed out and he can make almost anything seem completely believable. Even time travel and figuring out how to stop Lee Harvey Oswald from killing JFK. The complication of love to the storyline made it feel exactly that – complicated. The book was well researched and bursting with interesting characters and places.

I loved most of this book. I hated the ending, just like the last Stephen King book I read, Under the Dome. Why King seems to be able to completely trash something that could easily have a really good ending is beyond me. You spend the whole book wanting the main character to somehow be able to change history for the better and be able to take the woman he loves to the future with him. That’s what the reader wants. That isn’t what King writes. He seems to be incapable of writing a completely satisfying and happy ending. The ending to this book just made me frustrated and mad. After almost 900 pages, I want an ending worthy of the massive read I just made. The ending to this book was not.

While most of this book was well worth the read, I wish I could simply rewrite the ending – again. I’m starting to lose faith in King’s ability to end a book!

Final Rating:

Get it free


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Stephen King… really???

Book: Under the Dome

Author: Stephen King

Recommend: Not worth the amount of time it takes to get through it due to the lame ending…

I am not a huge Stephen King fan, but when I am in the right mood, I find his books enjoyable so I took this book on vacation with me.

Under the Lame... ugh!

I read through all 1000+ pages and found most of it compelling and intriguing. However the end was one of the biggest letdowns I have ever read… baby aliens using the dome like kids use a magnifying glass on ants… REALLY??? I found that the disappointing ending basically killed the book for me.. I wouldn’t recommend it at all! Normally I wouldn’t give something like that away but it’s really just pathetic and so I don’t feel bad ruining the ending for you.

There were some positives though. The main characters were flawed and compelling. You really cared about what happened to them as you went through the story. The human villains were easy to hate and it made for an enjoyable read through the first 75% of the book. Towards the end however, he was killing off so many characters so quickly that it was like he just thought that he had to bring it to conclusion quickly. I also did not appreciate all the rough language used in the book- it just wasn’t necessary.

I am so glad I got it at the library and didn’t spend $40 on this one…


Final Rating:

Library book


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