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Book Review: While Beauty Slept

Book: While Beauty Slept

Author: Elizabeth Blackwell

Recommend: If you like retold fairy tales from another point of view then definitely.

I have been wanting to read this book for weeks. I started in on it at a Barnes and Noble andย  got about a fourth of the way in before I got tapped on the shoulder and was kindly but firmly reminded that the store, in fact, was closing in five minutes and they would be happy to help me at the register. While I love my bookstore, I simply didn’t have the cash that day to pick it up and so I walked out, sadly empty-handed, wanting to read more.

I finally got my hands on a copy this week and devoured it in one sitting. What a great retelling of the Sleeping Beauty tale that is devoid of all the fairy nonsense and instead paints a much more realistic picture. Think of this as the Sleeping Beauty version of the movie, Ever After. In fact, I wonder if the author got the idea for this book from the movie.

The only issue that I had with the story was that while it definitely didn’t focus on the girl of the fairy tale, I do wish Rose had been in it a bit more. it felt a bit rushed in a way. The events that had factored into the tale we know don’t come into play until at least halfway through the book and the central line of the story isn’t in place until the last thirty pages.

I absolutely loved the main character of this book. She seemed leap from the pages of the book. This book accomplished what so many can’t, the words seemed to disappear and instead of just seeing it, it was like being a part of it.

I dove in expecting Rose and got lady-in-waiting which was actually a find than what I had expected. Definitely worth the read!

Final Rating:

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Sleeping Beauty… sort of


Book: Enchantment

Author: Orson Scott Card

Recommend: Definitely- an interesting twist on sleeping beauty…

This is one of my favorite Card books which is somewhat odd because it is not his normal science fiction fare. This book is a fantasy that includes both a typical fantasy setting and the modern world mixed together in an extremely unique and engaging story. What would it be like if you were running through the woods one day and found something straight out of a fairytale book? Would you kiss the sleeping princess? What if that princess wasn’t exactly what you thought she would be? What if your prince charming showed up in tennis shoes instead of armor?

This sleeping beauty tale only takes the essence of the girl in her everlasting sleep and the rest is all original Card.

I can’t really come up with a negative for this one. It will grab you and suck you in from beginning to end.


Final Rating:

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