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Short Kid’s Book Review: What Body Part is That?

Book: What Body Part is that?
Author: Andy Griffiths
Recommend: Umm.. not really.

I got this as as ARC. As a teacher I thought this would be a great addition to my classroom library. A funny book about the body. Awesome. I needed more non-fiction text in my collection anyway. After reading this book, it won’t be joining my classroom library. This book has little to no factual information. In fact, it is filled with disinformation. I really just don’t get the point of it! This one is not going to end up in my classroom library. Instead it is going directly into the “I-don’t-care-how-I-get-rid-of-it-I-just-want-it-gone” pile. Avoid this one if you can.

Final Rating:



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Book Review: Fire in the Ashes

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Book: Fire in the Ashes

Author: Jonathan Kozol

Recommend: It was interesting…

I received this book as an ARC a couple of weeks ago. I wasn’t sure exactly why I had decided that I wanted to read it, but I finally dived in a couple of days ago. While this was a short book, it took me a few days to get through. I blame Sunday’s marathon of Law and Order:SVU and my husband being sick, but I digress.

Jonathan researches and works with families in some of the poorest areas of New York City. In this book he discusses the lives of some of the most stand out people he has come across in his work and how they either persevered despite their circumstances or how they went down in flames because of them.

This book isn’t something that I would typically pick up. It was an interesting read and definitely got me thinking but honestly, I found that I would have liked the book better if there had been fewer people and more information about them. There seemed to be large gaping holes in their stories which failed to get me really bought into what I was reading. The moment I really started to connect with someone, their story was over and we were on to someone else.

Overall, I thought it was an interesting read but I think the author could have given us a lot more and it would have been more captivating, creating more of the result he seemed to be going for.

Final Rating:

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A voice screaming to get out!

Book: Carly’s Voice

Authors: Arthur and Carly Fleischmann

Recommend: Anyone who has ever met, dealt with or will ever meet someone who is Autistic should check this book out!

I was introduced to Carly a year or so ago through a friend of mine whose son was diagnosed with Autism. I read everything I could, watched the interviews and started following Carly on twitter. I found her to be an amazing young lady who has done so many remarkable things in her short life. It is hard to believe that the person that is sharing their thoughts with you has any challenge in their life, let alone one that can interfere as much as autism can, especially to the severity that Carly has to deal with it.

I found the journey of the family refreshingly real. I love that they were willing to be bold about what they could and could not handle. Parents aren’t saints and these people were open about their experiences and the difficulties they faced, especially when Carly was younger. Knowing many kids who are autistic, I know what it is like to deal with them in my classroom and how challenging it can be (although very rewarding). I can’t imagine how hard it must be when it is your own child. Someone you want to give the world to and make their life easy and then that precious child ends up unable to speak or communicate and does things that seem completely irrational to them.

I would definitely recommend reading Carly’s chapter. It’s at the end of the book. She is funny, full of spunk and has a great way of communicating her thoughts.

The only negative I could come up with is that I would have liked to hear from Carly more. Understanding what is going on with her has been such a huge insight into what an Autistic kid experiences.I wanted to hear more form her. I guess I’ll have to keep an eye on her twitter feed 🙂

Final Rating:

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Why do we let this happen?

Book: Why Me?

Author: Sarah Burleton

Recommend: If you can handle it

Believe it or not. Yes. It’s actually non-fiction on my blog. I have read a few books about kids who were abused through their lives. It helps me remember to be looking. I am thankful that it is not the norm, but I work with children and have had some kids who have been through horrible things in their young lives. I would never want a child to go through something like this when it was simply not being noticed for what it was.

This is a very powerful story about one woman’s journey through an abusive childhood. It highlights some of the extremes in her life and tells how she finally escaped her horrible home life. The only complaint I would really have about this very short book is that it felt like there was too much information missing. I wanted to know more about her mother’s motivation, more about her step-father and more of the background. It really felt like large chunks of the story were missing for no apparent reason.

This is one of those tough but good reads. Not one I would want to visit again but one I am glad I read.

Final Rating:

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