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Book Review: Princess of the Midnight Ball

Princess of the Midnight Ball


Book: Princess of the Midnight Ball


Author: Jessica Day George


Recommend: If you are a fan of fairy tale rewrites, this is great. If not, run the other way…


I picked this one up, being fairly certain I knew what I was in for and was pleasantly surprised how absorbed I was. I have always been a bit confused by this fairy tale honestly and found that this version made it make more sense. Instead of being really confused by the Princesses it made much more sense and I found myself wondering how in the world they were going to get out of the horrible situation they were in. Galen was a great male lead because he seems so normal. I liked the princesses as well because they weren’t obnoxious. I found the back story interesting enough to not be annoyed with it, although I wish there had been a bit more to it.


This is definitely a fluffy indulgent piece of reading which was a great change of pace after reading about vampires/zombies and tons of adult situations. This was a nice change of pace. I think I need to start throwing in teen fiction after intense reads as a habit.


Final Rating:


Get it used...

Get it used…



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