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Book Review: Magisterium

Book: Magisterium

Author: Jeff Hirsch

Recommend: Absolutely! This is book is much better than his debut!

This is the second book I have read by this author and when I read the synopsis I could tell that this was the book he really wanted to write. His first book was intended to really get his name out there so that something this original stood a chance. Don’t get me wrong, The Eleventh Plague is a good read but it pales in comparison to this one.

Mageisterium is the story of a world divided. Glennora has grown up in Collisium and dreams of traveling to the stars, leaving everything behind her. She has been told that the world beyond the border is a nuclear fall out zone where nothing can survive. However, when her father’s latest invention forces her over that line, she find out that everything in her life has been a lie and nothing is quite what it seems.

Okay, besides the fact that it is really hard to remember that Glenn is actually a girl, this book is amazing. Without giving away too much, it was not at all what it seemed to be and that was a wonderful thing after having read one too many dystopian novels of late. This one will suprise you and will be a fun ride. There are some places where it is somewhat predictable, like I knew immediately who the evil queen was going to be – no question and rolled my eyes when I was right on but it really didn’t detract from the story at all. The author had an intersting solution to the problem and it didn’t all tie up in a nice neat bow at the end.

While this is not the best thing I have ever read, the author’s inventiveness makes it a memorable and worthwhile read. I see this one joining my library very soon.

Final Rating:

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