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Book Review: Into the Green

Book: Into the Green

Author: Charles de Lint

Recommend: If you like Irish fairy tales and fantasy.

I picked this one up at a local used bookstore. I had read one of his collections of short stories before and really enjoyed it. When I saw this book sitting on the shelves, I snatched it up and knew I had to take it home. Charles de Lint books are rarely found on the shelves of the used bookstores in my area.

I had just finished a run of three books that were less than stellar and so I picked this one up, hoping it would be better than the last few I had read. Thankfully, it was as good as I had hoped. This book tells the story of a young woman named Angharad who develops three gifts, making her an unusually powerful witch during a time when the power of the mystical is dying away, giving rise to religion. She is scared of what she has and ignores it until someone comes to awaken her power and force her to learn.

I loved this book. It had the feel of an old Irish fairy tale about it while keeping it from feeling childish. The author’s power to paint a picture with words is quite strong and I loved the musical elements thrown in. It is very obvious from the way he talks about music that he is a musician as well.While this author tends to be known more for his modern fantasy, this was just as good as the more modern stuff I have read.

The only negative I could find was that I would have wanted the author to spend a bit more time at the beginning of the book, telling how she developed into the character she was. It felt a bit rushed ot me but I like quite a bit of character development so I feel a sense of really knowing the character before running off to have adventures with them.

I will definitely be searching down books by this author in the future. This one is worth getting new if you can find it!

Final Rating:

Get it new!

Buy it new 🙂


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