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Book Review: The Fairy Godmother

Don’t let the cover keep you from picking this one up!

Book: The Fairy Godmother

Author: Mercedes Lackey

Recommend: If you enjoy a classic fantasy tale with a fairy tale twist, this is the starter of a series that has been fun so far.

I have been told by a bunch of people that this author was right up my alley. The thing is, she had written a ton of books, which is great but figuring out where to start was going to be difficult. So when I saw there was a series of books based on fairy tales, I decided that I would start there. I love when a fairy tale is retold well and this series seemed to do exactly that.

The first book in the series explained exactly how fairy godmothers become what they are. It follows a girl who was supposed to become a Cinderella type tale but there was no available prince the right age and so she was stuck with her stepmother, living out a life of slavery without a chance of relief in sight. At least, until a fairy godmother comes along looking for an apprentice.

I loved how the writer explained this fairy tale based world. The characters are interesting and the pacing is really good. The characters were easy to connect with while still maintaining their archetype characteristics, even as they step outside the bounds of their fairy tales.

The only thing that I wish was that the writing quality had been a bit higher. While it definitely wasn’t bad, it lacked a level of energy that I think the story needed to be more effective. Not to say that it wasn’t enjoyable, I just feel like it was so close to being amazing and missed the mark just slightly.

Really good, solid read and I can’t wait to get into the rest of the series.

Final Rating:

Get it used...

Get it used…


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