Review: On Writing

10569Book: On Writing

Author: Stephen King

Recommend: If you are a huge Stephen King fan or are trying to get into writing as a profession, this is a worthwhile read.

I have been meaning to read this for ages but have never really gotten around to it until I hit winter break. I needed to read something that felt was substantial so that I would feel like I had accomplished something over break. I didn’t get what I was expecting from the book but it was a good read. It is a bit biography, a bit writing suggestions and a bit memoir all at the same time.

For this author, it is a short read and when you read it, you get the sense that the author thinks the way that he writes. I wouldn’t be surprised to sit down with him and discover that he talks the way he writes as well because whether writing fiction or non-fiction he comes across the same.

This book is definitely staying on my shelves and will be worth a revisit at some point.

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