Review: The Circle

18302455Book: The Circle

Author: David Eggers

Recommend: It’s quite a chilling read especially if you know someone who works for one of the big trendy companies threatening to take over the world.

This book tells the story of a woman named Mae who goes to work for a company simply called The Circle because she had a friend who worked for the company. Mae does well and begins to do well. she is promoted and then invited to take part in an experiment for the company where she is filmed all the time.

This book has a lot of commentary about how corporations are wanting insight into almost every aspect of your life. They use the information they glean to sell more and plan how to market to you specifically. The more they know, the more money they can make.

This book was chilling and the choices Mae makes during the course of this book won’t feel all that different than choices you would make, with one exception. Her relationship choices are a bit sketchy.  Other than that though it is easy to watch how Mae ends up small choice by small choice becoming a virtual slave to the company and being happy doing it even as she becomes estranged from her family and her best friend ends up having a nervous breakdown.

I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I am curious to see what changes Hollywood makes and if they change or keep the book ending. I am eager to read more of Eggers books and have picked up all the ones I could find after this engaging read.


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