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Review: Afterworlds

18367581Book: Afterworlds

Author: Scott Westerfeld

Recommend: Very different than what I was expecting but it was a nice, light fluffy YA read.

From the blurbs on this book, I was expecting one thing. When you say that one character writes the words and the other lives them, I was expecting something like Stranger than Fiction. What I got was a book about a girl publishing her first book and her fictional first book told in alternating chapters. It was okay but honestly was a letdown for this author. It felt like something a new teen writer would put out, not someone as seasoned at Westerfeld.

I found the setting of the fictional book in the book to be interesting but I wanted more of that. I also found the story of the girl trying to get through the publishing of her first book to be interesting but I wanted more. Together, there just simply wasn’t enough of either one to feel completely fleshed out. It was like he had two shorter ideas and smashed them together to create the length of a normal YA novel.

Despite its’ shortcomings, it definitely was engaging, kept me reading until the end, and made me annoyed when I got interrupted. So it wasn’t all bad, but it wasn’t all good either. The most compelling thing in this book was the pacing and some of the publishing pieces but the sparks were few and far between.

I am honestly not sure if this one is going to get a permanent spot on my very full bookshelves. I needed to get rid of a few after my latest reorganization anyway. This one has the strong possibility of being one of those headed to the used bookstore.


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