Book Review: The First Confessor

41coet9oqhl-_sx304_bo1204203200_Book: The First Confessor

Author: Terry Goodkind

Recommend: I was a bit nervous but by the end a resounding yes!

So, I downloaded this ages ago and after reading The Omen Machine, I was just a bit too nervous to pick it up.  When The Third Kingdom showed up on my shelf, I knew I had to do something and so I decided to skip this one due to the fact that it was only published as an ebook. Well, I got to page 166 of The Third Kingdom and then realized that I had no choice but to read it because everything from The First Confessor shows up in the next book and without it, the book I was in the middle of was going to make less sense. (by the way – I think it was the perfect place to stop and read because Richard was reading about Magda at that point and while it was a bit of an obvious plug for the ebook, it was very effective to someone who is a huge fan of the series).

After the disappointment that was The Omen Machine in comparison to the rest of the novels, this book was a breath of fresh air. First of all, we meet Magda much in the same way that we meet Richard. The novel pacing is so much better than Omen and the characters are very well fleshed out. While there are definitely parallels between Kahlan and Magda, they are more a product of who and what they are than feeling too much like the same character.

I would love to hear more from these characters and see where Goodkind envisions her world going next. To learn more about things that we’ve only seen glimpses of in the Sword series is great. I would love to see this continue as a separate series.

My only issue with this book is the lack of availability in print. Unless I want to pay $300, it won’t be joining my shelf full of Goodkind novels anytime soon. While I love ebooks and have quite a few of them, I still have a larger collection of the real thing and this is a book I would like to own a physical copy of. So while I would like to see the series continued, I also want to see it in actual print.

Note- after this review was written, the book was published and is available in paperback.

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