Book Review: Amped

Book: Amped

Author: Daniel H. Wilson

Recommend: Definitely an interesting and thought provoking what if.

I picked this book up ages ago and found it the other day while working on the last couple of boxes that needed to be unpacked. I had originally found the concept behind the book fascinating and so when I stopped and decided that I would just read a few pages in, I found myself getting up a few hours later having finished it.

This book is all about the idea that we could fix the brain and mental issues that we have whether they be medical, intellectual or someone just wanting more than they naturally had in some kind of ability. How would the world treat these people who had amped their brains for the sake of a cure from some kind of defect. When the world decides that people with altered or amped brains no longer deserve the rights that everyone else enjoys, suddenly there seems to be no where save for these people.

I thought it was an interesting read. I think that the theme has been a bit overdone but the point is that we shouldn’t discriminate based on people’s choices. I think this is a dangerous idea to put out there in a way. In this instance for this book it makes sense. However, if you follow this idea to its logical conclusions, you are going to end up saying that someone’s choices shouldn’t have consequences. For example, if someone has violent tendencies, following this idea would say that they are not responsible for their violent actions and should be accepted the way they are, no matter how many people they kill. While the example is extreme, the point should be fairly obvious. Where is the line where a person’s choice becomes wrong and who is to judge whether or not it is wrong. This idea, while valid, depending on the circumstances, creates a slippery slope that could quickly turn into a mess.

While I applaud the author for using science fiction to really examine deeper ideas through fiction, I wonder why the author never addressed why there is a line and this idea shouldn’t be carried past a certain point. Definitely an interesting read but one with some potentially disturbing conclusions.

Final Rating:


Get it used...

Get it used…


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