Book Review: One Good Knight

Book: One Good Knight

Author: Mercedes Lackey

Recommend: Yes, this is a great follow-up to The Fairy Godmother.

I picked up the first book in the series yesterday and I’m already through book number two. This one centers around a girl named Andromeda who is a Princess but isn’t exactly what her mother thinks a princess should be. Just as she finally gets the attention she had always craved from her mother, who is beginning to see her value at last, a dragon begins to terrorize the kingdom and everything spirals out of control.

I am really loving these books because they manage to smash a whole lot of fairy tales together, show the characters fighting against what the tales want them to do, all while attempting to do the right thing. Fractured fairy tales are some of my favorites to read and this series really doesn’t disappoint. From beginning to end you find yourself rooting for Andie, hoping that somehow she’ll get her happily ever after, after all.

The writing in this book is much improved over the first one. The whole thing feels tighter and like it had better editing. The only thing that mad me roll my eyes were the dragons. However, while I was rolling my eyes I was also laughing so the pun wasn’t too terrible. The ending was sweet but could have used a bit more build up. Other than that, this was a great read.

Final Rating:

Get it used...

Get it used…


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