Now searching for..

Those willing to write for free đŸ˜‰

So I have been the sole writer on the Obsessive Bookworm for 3 years now and while I have had infrequent guest contributors, at this point I am looking for a couple of people who might be wanting to write for a book blog on a more regular basis. I am not going anywhere but I am looking for some fresh voices and fresh ideas.

Some things I am interested in possibly doing:

1. Weekly themed posts – like Top Ten Tuesdays or something completely different

2. Suggested reading lists – if you liked ___ you need to check out..

3. Reading challenges

4. Group reads (with more than one contributor).

5. Reviews done in a different style than me

6. Reviews in genres I don’t prefer to read myself (mysteries, true crime, biographies, non-fiction)

7. Comic strips

8. Anything else you can come up with that  works well for this blog

In order to apply to be an Obsessive Bookworm, please send me an email at and we will talk!

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