Book Review: The Enemy

Book: The Enemy

Author: Charlie Higson

Recommend: A scary thrill ride of a book – worth checking out.

Okay, I can basically sum this one up in one statement. This is a zombie version of Lord of The Flies with the royal family thrown in for good measure. Was it a fun read? Oh yah. Was it anything ground breaking or new? Nope.

If I were to come up with one thing that was strongest with this book was the ensemble of characters. It has been a while since I’ve read a good ensemble book. The characters were well-balanced out and the conflict was balanced out. I think it was the only thing that separated this from a lot of the books with a similar storyline. Add in a sanctimonious power-hungry villain and it made for a fun read. I don’t know that I’ll keep reading this series but I can see the appeal.

Definitely worth the read if this is your kind of book.

Final Rating:

Get it used...

Get it used…


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