Book Review: The Wheel of Ice

Book: The Wheel of Ice (Doctor Who)

Author: Stephen Baxter

Recommend: If you are a fan of the Doctor. Oh wait, that should be everyone who has ever seen Doctor Who (if you haven’t – go watch it)

Yep. I’m a Whovian. I started watching with nine and can’t seem to stop. I’ve watched a few older episodes when I can get a hold of them. This book though is my first real exposure to the second Doctor. I found the companions entertaining and the overall plot enjoyable. It definitely was a Doctor story in so many ways. For that alone, I really enjoyed it.

I think that the biggest flaw in my eyes was that it has too much information that is up to date. The second Doctor wouldn’t have known some of the things he seems to know in this book. There is too much future knowledge and too many things that don’t ring true of the second Doctor. I know why the author made the choices that he did but it was still distracting because it was the second Doctor. I think the Whovians could have handled the scientific inaccuracies in favor of staying true to the Who Universe.

Definitely a fun read if you are a Who fan but if you aren’t a fan of Doctor Who, you are going to need to watch some first before diving into a book like this.

Final Rating:

Get it used...

Get it used…


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