Book Review: Virals

Book: Virals

Author: Kathy Reichs

Recommend: Definitely! Worth a read.

I must admit that I have never read a sing book by this author before but I am a big fan of other characters she has created, namely those for her adult books about Temperance Brennan which was the inspiration for one of my favorite TV shows, Bones. While the Bones books are on my eventual reading list, I was able to get a hold of all three books that are in the YA series thus far and couldn’t help but dive in. I was fairly certain before I cracked the cover that I would enjoy these books.

The plot is refreshingly original, the main character is a lot of fun, if not a bit too much like her Aunt Temperance. This one had a bit more meat to the plot line than many YA books and for once, romance isn’t the main character’s major motivation. For some reason most YA authors feel the need to shove romance down their reader’s throats but this author refreshingly leaves it alone.

The story made a lot of sense and somehow, even though it dealt with superhuman capabilities, it remained within the realm of believability. I can’t wait to see where the author takes it next!

Final Rating:

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