Book Review: Seizure

Book: Seizure

Author: Kathy Reichs

Recommend: Fun read, especially if you’re a Goonies fan.

Book one of this series was a great jump start and book two jogged along at a pleasant pace. In the second book from the Bones creator, Tory and her friends learn that the University is getting ready to shut down their parent’s research facility down. Tory and the gang learn of a hidden pirate treasure and go after it to save their homes.

Besides being a blatant Goonies rip-off which even the author freely admits to, it has a great sense of fun and adventure that is not easy to duplicate.

I will say that besides a bit of swearing these books are some of the most tame YA I’ve run across in a while. While that should make me run, I actually really appreciate the fact that this author isn’t pushing the lines of what is acceptable. I would actually feel more comfortable handing these to a teenager than a lot of the stuff that is being passed around as teen acceptable lately.

If nothing else, this book gave me a serious craving to watch Goonies for the millionth time.

Final Rating:

Get it used...

Get it used…


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