Book: Taken

Book: Taken

Author: Erin Bowman

Recommendation: I think I’ve read too much YA lately to be fair to this book or this author..

I have decided that I need to go on a YA diet. I have been reading way too much of this stuff because it has gotten to the point where they are all sounding the same. Taken is the story of a society where the boys disappear at at eighteen never to be heard of or seen again. When the main character Gray goes searching for answers he finds much more than he ever though possible and that his whole life is a lie.

Dystopian fiction? Yep. Love Triangle? Uh huh. Super predictable plot? Yep.

I think that this book had quite a bit of potential. However it was sadly ruined by plot holes and uneven characters. The main character Gray was somewhat inconsistent, but Emma was the worst. There were so many places in this book that I wanted to roll my eyes and send an email to the writer expressing my annoyance because the decisions were for the convenience of the plot and not true to the characters. I honestly found the whole book somewhat annoying but not so much that I didn’t finish it.

Final Rating:

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