Book Review: Janie Face to Face

Book: Janie Face to Face

Author: Caroline B. Cooney

Recommendation: If you read the Janie series growing up, then this one last trip might be appealing but will ultimately disappoint.

I read the first book in this series when I was in junior high and the rest as I grew up so when I saw that there was another book coming out as a conclusion of sorts to this series, I couldn’t help but read it even though I was much older than the intended audience. I picked it up and wanted to see something with the power of the first book. Unfortunately what we got was a sad attempt to deal with the aftermath again of what she had been through including a total personality flip for the main character.

I simply can’t stand this version of the main character. Janie struggled in the original story and the character had some depth and growth. However, in this one, the character has not only reverted, she had become incredibly shallow and feels like someone completely new. Couple that will some of the very strange decisions she makes and I think  you’ll find yourself as disappointed with this one as I was.

The only good point of this book was the villain. It was the only part of the story that made me keep reading. However, the way the author kept the reader in the dark was not only annoying but frustrating and not in a good way. It took a good story and completely ruined it. I honestly wish that I had stayed away and not read this one.

Final Rating:




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