Book Review: Requiem

Book: Requiem

Author: Lauren Oliver

Recommend: Meh… wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t amazing either.

The curse of the poorly written love triangle strikes again. Here is a hint, when you can tell who is going to win even before you start reading the book, the author has failed to write a decent love triangle. Other than the horrifically written romance though this was a great way to close out the trilogy that began with Delirium.

I really liked the inclusion of Hana’s piece of the story. I think it created some much-needed tension into a series where we basically knew what the final outcome would be. The information about her fiance was truly disturbing and when you figure out what the real issue is, Hana’s story almost becomes more interesting than the plight of the main characters.

If you read the first two books, it’s worth finishing but only just.

Final Rating:

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