Book Review: The Lost Girl

Book: The Lost Girl

Author: Sangu Mandanna

Recommend: A very unique read with unusual conflicts..

What if there was someone else out there who looked exactly like you? What if they knew everything about you because if something was to happen to you, they would become you? What if you were the one who was studying someone else’s life in order to step into it one day. How would you handle it when you had to step into their life and act as if you were the other person, even though you were someone unique?

I loved how original this plot line was. While I’ve read others where the clone is somehow flawed by their creation and happened to be unusual in some way, this one take it head on that they are different but somehow the one must learn to act like the other. I love how the main character seem sto fight against what she was designed to do and can’t seem to get things right and the people who care for her almost want her to be her own person. I thought the love story in it was brilliantly played out and I loved that they thought things through instead of just giving into what they wanted immediately.

I would say that the only flaw I can see with this book was that I wanted a more definite ending. After reading the author’s website, it seems like she would like to continue the series if the first book sells well but she didn’t want to leave it too open of there wasn’t going to be another one. I honestly hope that this one sells enough that she is able to write a follow up.

Final Rating:

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