Book Review: Fragments

Book: Fragments

Author: Dan Wells

Recommend: Definitely worth reading if you’ve checked out Partials.

I was really excited for this one. When I got it in my hands I wanted to race through it immediately. Unfortunately, I had a couple of other books that I needed to get to first and it sat for a few days. However, I didn’t let it become forgotten in my massive to be read pile. I was super excited for this one and it didn’t let me down.

After the end of Partials, I knew it couldn’t be as simple as the author had made it out to be there were some serious issues left to be resolved. It simply couldn’t be that simple and it wasn’t. I can’t wait to see where Dan Wells takes this series next! I honestly hope it’s going to be more than three books at this point. This one had a complex storyline with lots of great twists and turns. There were a few times the author completely had me freaked out. I loved his nod to the hunger games as well with the talking dogs.

The only issue I found with this book was that the idea of finding some unknown perfect society with a massive hidden flaw has become so incredibly cliche that not only did I know it was coming but I knew exactly what they would find where because I’ve simply read this scenario so many times. Authors please do something different. Please.

Other than one rather regrettably predictable section, this book was a great read and I can’t wait to see how things develop for Samm and Kira in the next book of the series.

Final Rating:

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