Book Review: Level 2

Book: Level 2

Author: Lenore Appelhan

Recommend: This one was strange… even for me.

Picked this one up because I’ve had it in my hands five or six times and haven’t read it yet. Decided that instead of it being on the bottom of the stack that it should be on the top so that I would finally get to it. Which I did. Kind of wishing it had stayed on the bottom and hadn’t gotten read.

Okay, this is about a girl who dies horribly in a car crash and goes on to basically limbo. Already losing my interest here. Unbeknownst to said girl, she is stuck right in the middle of the war between two factions of angels. My thought was – really? I’ve seen this about a hundred times. One set wants these departed souls to move on, the other doesn’t. Yep. Seen this before too. Then the author starts into tying everything into Greek mythology loosely. Wait? What? I thought we were doing some strange version of the Christian afterlife. Guess not. Then said girl joins the rebels reluctantly. Seen this before and whatever interest the author gained by combining the two ideas of heaven is now gone. The rest of the book follows a predictable pattern. There is a love story – of course – but it is every bit as uninteresting as the book.

The only thing I found unique about this was that the main character had some definite issues to work through and when you found out what those issues were she started to make a whole lot more sense but by the point you figure out what is going on with her, you’ve been so bored for so long that it is hard to really get into it.

Overall, this was just a strange little book and won’t be surprised to see it go nowhere.

Final Rating:




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