Book Review: Inferno

Book: Inferno

Author: Dan Brown

Recommend: Not in a million years would I suggest this one to anyone…

Okay, there is not great love lost between myself and author Dan Brown. I keep an eye on his books mostly because of how much I disagree with the man. This one is the most recent book in his Robert Langdon series and is the worst I’ve read. The action is completely predictable, the scenarios stale and the supporting cast of characters are flimsy. Not to mention the theory behind the book is completely illogical. Proponents of the idea that we are going to outgrow what the earth can support is using only half the facts. they focus on birthrates and ignore the impact of disease and death completely.

The only reason I finished this  one was because I wanted to write a review for it. This one was completely phoned it and so formulaic that it was painful to read, feeling the bones poking through what thin story there was. This is a far cry from the first two Robert Langdon books. Don’t waste your time.

Final Rating:





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