Book Review: The Lost Code

Book: The Lost Code
Author: Kevin Emerson
Recommend: If you like the legend of Atlantis… maybe

I picked this up knowing that I was probably going to be disappointed. I love stories about Atlantis but the idea of YA based on it felt like unless the author was very talented that it would go very very wrong. While this didn’t go as badly as it could have, I wouldn’t jump right to success either.

I think the biggest problem with the book was that the author made some vital mistakes. Mistake number one was setting this in a dystopian future. Just because dystopia is the rage for YA doesn’t mean that everything should be. I think this book would have gone over much better if it had been set in the past. if they had kept the camp and everything else but simply put it during the early days of the cold war or the like. Mistake number two was Lilly. There were simply so many issues with this character. She was completely inconsistent which leads me to the flaws with the main character who was head over heels for someone that simply made no sense.

That being said, I will give this author some serious credit for originality. it is nice to read something new for a change. I loved the fact that the author thought out the consequences of some of his actions, although others created issues. I loved the risk he took and I honestly think that if he ignores much of the dystopian aspect in the next book and focuses on the search, it will be much better. I also have to give him serious credit for writing one of the most disturbing scenes I have ever read period. There is a scene where the main characters find a lab that is truly horrifying. The author says just enough to give a clear mental picture without crossing the line too far. The mental images he created in this scene were so intense that I had to stop for a moment.

That being said, I think this author took a huge risk that didn’t pay off completely but had some great points never the less.

Final Rating:

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