Book Review: City of Dark Magic

Book: City of Dark Magic

Author: Magnus Flyte

Recommend: Only if you can’t find something better (which shouldn’t be hard to do…)

Okay, so when a book is supposed to deal with time travel and Beethoven, to someone who has a degree in music and loves science fiction, you’ve immediately given them something that must be read – no questions asked. While I don’t regret reading the book, I wished that it hadn’t taken so much time to get through because frankly it wasn’t worth that much time.

I have a few issues with this one. The first is that there is just simply too much time spent in a museum. I get that researchers find out all kinds of details that general public doesn’t know which makes a great jumping point for a novel, but there has to be a faster way to get to the point without wasting so much time. The next issue is the amount of sex the main character engages in, in various levels of inappropriateness. The main character and her love interest are completely uninteresting is the next on my list of issues. There is this wonderful thing called character development. This character needed development badly. When secondary characters are more interesting than the main, that’s a problem.

There were some things I loved though. The discussion of Beethoven was just fun. Occasionally the authors would spin a powerful sentence that made me feel like that right there, experiencing exactly what the main character does. For example when she touches a Beethoven manuscript with a bare finger to feel it.

I never really was quite able to escape into this one and found myself putting it down frequently. Interesting but nothing to write home about.

Final Rating:

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