Book Review: Shades of Earth

Book: Shades of Earth

Author: Beth Revis

Recommend: If you read the first two, you might as well finish the series right?

Okay, I read all of these in one day. I was completely in the zone reading wise. While these were very enjoyable, I couldn’t help but notice how much they ripped off the plots from other places. The first two books were very obviously ripped from something Orson Scott Card would have written and while some Card remains in this one, there is also some serious shades of the movie Avatar thrown into this one. I half expected the same aliens to show up.

Elder and Amy take the risk and leave the ship with the cryos. They land on the new planet only to find more secrets and dangers than they had ever expected, including Amy’s own father, who has taken control of everything, treating Amy and Elder like mere children most of the time. I actually feel like the two main characters move backwards in the first half of this book. They regress into actual teenagers, losing the mature nature that was thrust upon them by their situation. However, by the end of the book, things speed back up again and they are acting with a maturity the adults can’t even figure out. The characters lost all sense of consistency to me in this book. I spent most of the time reading wanting to reach through the pages and deck someone for simply acting stupid or completely out of character in order to serve the plot line the author wanted. I hardly even want to mention the stereotypical ending that I could see coming a mile away.

It was deeply flawed but wasn’t so painful that I didn’t keep reading at a fast pace so I guess that’s something right? Right?

Final Rating:

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