Book Review: A Million Suns

Book: A Million Suns

Author: Beth Revis

Recommend: Actually it was much better than the first one. Still reeked of Orson Scott Card though..

Okay, this one has Amy and Elder searching for answers while Elder attempts to run the society now that Eldest is gone. With the ship not working properly, they are desperately searching for answers. When everything they thought they knew is wrong and a choice must be made, will Elder be able to choose or will everything break down into anarchy?

I actually really liked the characterization a lot better in this book. Amy and Elder make so much more sense. I like that the author doesn’t force them into this unnatural agreement with each other when it is obvious that they will not agree due to their vastly differing backgrounds. I also like how the conflict is dealt with in most ways. There are a few moments where I was a bit annoyed at the easy escapes the author took but it was much better than the first book.

The big flaw of course is the idea that this is a slightly better but still weak imitation of Orson Scott Card.

I have to say that now I am more excited to read the next book in the series.

Final Rating:

Get it used...

Get it used…


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