Top Ten Tuesday (on Thursday): Freebie – Popular books I can’t stand.

Top Ten Tuesdays

Full disclosure, I haven’t been on my blog in a while. I set up a bunch of posts a few weeks ago because I knew I wouldn’t have time. I logged back in today after the end of a crazy school year. Realized that I hadn’t put in a Top Ten Tuesday for this week and it was Thursday. Oops. So here it is. Better late than never??

We’ve all been there. It was supposed to be this fabulous story that people couldn’t get enough of and yet for some reason you didn’t connect with it. Everyone looks at you like you have a second head when you admit to the fact that you simply can’t stand the book or the author. Yep, here’s my list of books I’ve been looked at like a crazy person for not liking.

1. Feed by M.T. Anderson – I’ve heard nothing but glowing admiration for this book. I wasn’t even able to get halfway through before I threw it back into my library bag in disgust. The book is not a stretch of imaginative writing, in my humble opinion it is simply bad writing. I couldn’t get into the story because the writing was just horrible. To all those YA fans out there who recommended it to me over and over again, sorry but I simply don’t get it.

2. Watership Down by Richard Adams – I tried three times to read this one since I’ve heard so many times that it is a must read. I simply couldn’t get through it. I found the writing to be obnoxious and the characters completely dull. I got about a third of the way before I gave up again and for good. I am a huge fan of other animal based books (I love the Redwall series by Brian Jacques) but this one simply couldn’t get or hold my interest for anything.

3. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald – Whether it was because it was required reading, the fact that I find the time period completely uninteresting or that the characters annoyed me, I have never felt any kind of love for this book. I know that many people will disagree but I also won’t be spending a ton of money to go see the new movie no matter how much I typically like the other movies the director has done.

4. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho – Everyone seems to have read this one. I found it trite and predictable. Also completely uninteresting. Yep. I really don’t get all the hype surrounding this one at all.

5. Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell – I came, I read, I despised. Scarlett drove me completely insane. Even though I read the whole thing I never could get to the point where I could even remotely stand her as a character. Sorry to all those fans of the epic story but you can have it.

6. Three Cups of Tea by David Oliver Relin and Greg Mortenson – Yep. I found the writer annoying and the main character more than a  bit self – important. When it came to light the at least some of the book was fiction, I found myself annoyed but not shocked.

7. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame – Smith – Can we say poor writing? The thing is that I’ve really enjoyed some of this author’s other work, just not this one. It is so forced that it’s completely broken in my opinion. I’ve read others of this type and loved them. This one, I simply couldn’t stand. Try Jane Slayre instead.

8. Wicked by Gregory Macguire – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this man is one of the driest writers I have ever read. Period. Add in really inappropriate content and it’s not worth the read. The musical on the other hand – go see it!

Okay, I’m running out of ideas but can anyone add a nine and ten to this list? What popular books do you despise?



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3 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday (on Thursday): Freebie – Popular books I can’t stand.

  1. This is a great idea for a TTT list 🙂

    • Thanks… glad you liked it. I often find myself at odds with people who love books and I can’t stand them or I love them and they can’t stand them. Oh and I liked Cinder quite a bit but it’s definitely not something for everyone.

  2. Oh and I would add Cinder by Marissa Myer to the list

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