Book Review: The Prey

Book: The Prey

Author: Andrew Rukuda

Recommend: If you’d asked me about 30 seconds after I’d finished reading it I would have said yes… after a couple of minutes… meh.

I read the first book in this trilogy quite a while ago and really enjoyed it because it was scary vamps told by one of the few humans who had managed to escape detection. The second book was following Gene and the rest of the humans from the Dome as they made their way across the desert, away from the vampires to the place where they were supposed to be safe. However when the finally find their way to the Mission, something is not quite right and they find themselves fighting for their lives again, against something far less obvious than vampires.

This author knows how to keep a reader moving through the pages of his books, I’ll give him that much. The story is fast and engaging. I had no plans to put this one down until I had finished with it. I was even able to ignore all the rip off plot points that would have ordinarily made me throw down the book in disgust because it just kept moving so fast that I couldn’t seem to stop. The ending was good and left you begging for more – at least for a few seconds.

Okay, here come the flaws and there are a lot of them. The Mission. Chalk this up to a FLDS town minus the religious stuff and add in foot binding so that the girls can’t move fast enough to get away.  Plus these strange scenarios kept happening where  the reader would be sure Sissy was going to get severely hurt by these crazies but the author chickened out and couldn’t bear to write the type of scene that made sense in the situation and attempted to awkwardly explain it away. However the author doesn’t shy away from the horror of the idea that girls barely thirteen are having kids in this community. Never mind that the reality of Civilization was so obvious it was painful. In fact, you almost don’t want to believe it because it’s just too simple. Ugh.

Overall, it’s a fun quick read with very little else going for it. Save your money on this one. I know I’m glad I did.

Final Rating:

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