Top Ten Tuesday: Words/Topics that instantly make me pick up/buy a book

Top Ten TuesdaysThis could be a very very long list. I’m a avid readers and find a lot of things that interest me. I think it would honestly be easier to do a reverse of this list because there is very little that I find uninteresting to read about. So I think you’re going to get both today. The ones that will make me pick up a book and the ones that will make me throw a book back on the shelf like it’s diseased.

Topics/Words that make books fly into my hands

1. OZ – Yep. I’ve loved the original series since I was little. To this day, if it’s on TV, everyone knows they aren’t going to be getting the TV back anytime soon.

2. Stephenie Meyer – Odd I know but if she recommends it or it is written by her, no questions asked, I’m checking it out.

3. Dystiopian – As much as I complain about the overabundance of dystopia fiction coming out, I still read tons of it. I find the different ideas fascinating. (Can we add this word to spell check and the dictionary already?? I hate those little wavy red lines popping up under things I know are right.. grr)

4. The Doctor – yep. If you’ve read my blog, you know have I a slightly unhealthy obsession with anything related to Doctor Who. I’ll even read authors who admit to throwing references into the book in the forward or acknowledgements. (Maybe I need help….. nah).

5. Fairy Tales re-imagined – I have always loved fairy tales. I love them even more when authors take the original story and flesh out the characters, adding their own spin to it. Right now there are so many wonderful books doing this. I really like it when they blend the modern with the original. A modern person getting pulled into something magical. So much fun to read.

6. Steampunk – I have to admit that I love this stuff when it’s good. So often though it is all flash and no substance. I like steampunk with substance.

7. Music – If the story is about musicians or has a large music element to it, the chances of me picking it up to read are highly likely. As a musician, it is always interesting to see how others write about music. Right now I’ve got a couple of music books waiting in my rather large stack and it is taking some serious will power not to yank them out and read them now.

8. high fantasy with a very high word count – Yep, I love a good long fantasy series.

9. Anything with the words geek or video game – I’m not talking about books based on video games. I don’t want to read about the game worlds. I’m talking about books about uber-geeks or gamers. Being a huge geek myself, it’s like reading about a friend I haven’t met in person yet.

10. hidden worlds – I love the idea of secret societies or a world existing just next to our own that bleeds through to ours. The idea that something much more interesting is going on that we simply don’t notice is intriguing.

Rant about 'adult' content in books...Okay, not a bad list If I do say so myself 🙂 Anything you think I missed here? Here are the things that will make me throw a book back down when I hear them.

1. Mystery – yep. Hate the genre as a general rule. I usually figure them out way too soon and they are just not interesting.

2. Murder investigation – see number 1. (Unless it is a serial killer – then I ‘might’ be interested)

3. Romance – we are talking the cheesy Harlequin kind.

4. Biography – I don’t find real people that interesting – sorry.

5. Non-fiction – Yah. No.

6. 90% of Christian fiction – Why? Because it is poorly written and cheesy. (Actually I think the 90% number might be generous… that implies that 10% of it might be okay – I honestly don’t think the number is that high). Please someone – write something good! I beg you.

7. Self- Discovery – This means the main character is going to be stuck in their own head most of the book. It also means it is probably going to be a HUGE snooze fest. There are notable exceptions to this one though.

8. Ernest Hemingway – I simply can’t stand the way he writes. If an author is compared to him, good luck getting me to read his work.

9. Western – I live in the Southwest. This gets shoved down my throat enough. No thank you.

10. Anything with half dressed people on the cover – No thanks. Just no. I don’t normally judge a book by its cover, but in this, I think I’m justified.

Comments? Suggestions? Think I’m crazy? Totally agree? Let me know 🙂

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