Book Review: Fragile Things

Book: Fragile Things
Author: Neil Gaiman
Recommend: Great in small doses…

Have you ever had an author that you truly enjoy but only when you are in the right mood? Neil Gaiman is one of those authors for me. I love the stories he creates and the way he writes, but I also find myself relieved when I finish one of his books. I think I am easily burnt out on his stuff for some reason. This book is no exception.

I really like how unique his stories are and the characters he comes up with. Sometimes they get a bit too bizarre, even for me, but I still find them enjoyable. I think in this collection, the one about Susan from the Narnia series hit me rather hard. I thought he was going somewhere completely different than where he went. I’ve always wondered about her and why she had walked away completely. I just wasn’t expecting the author to blame God instead of Susan.

Interesting reads if you are fan of short stories and have enjoyed one of his full length works.

Final Rating:

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