Book Review: Birthmarked

Book: Birthmarked

Author: Caragh M. O’Brien

Recommend: It was a decent read.. if you could ignore some things.

I read the first chapter of this at the library and was intrigued so I brought it home. The story was great and the characters were intense. I found the main character intriguing but I think the author had some issues and the more I read, the more I noticed the plot point problems.

First of all, the main character seems to live a life out of the history books but the society beyond the wall was supposed to be somewhat advanced. How would none of the technology on one side of the wall have bled over to the other? It should have in older, more basic forms and yet, for some reason, the author doesn’t mention it until much later in the book. There is a problem with what the author allows technology wise and what isn’t there. For example, there are movies but not sign of computers. I also found the plot points at the end kind of improbable. The whole idea that a city was surrounded by outlying areas and then they were somehow able to figure out the births from the whole community and who was who from a book without having to figure out which books belonged to their area first made no sense.

While I think this book had a ton of potential, the plot issues were rather distracting.

Final Rating:

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