Book to Film: The Host

Wanda’s Seeker from The Host

I have been eagerly anticipating this film for ages. I loved the book and feel like I’ve been waiting for forever for the sequel(s) to be released. So when this Friday finally got here, I grabbed my best friend and dragged him along to go see it. I was thrilled and bouncing a bit while the previews were going on (I may have squealed slightly when we got to see the trailer for City of Bones).

The movie did not start the way I thought it was going to. we all thought the teaser trailer had absolutely nothing to do with the movie. When it was in the first minute or so of the film I was rather shocked. I actually found a lot of the way they filmed this movie to be unexpected while remaining fairly true to the book. I think the biggest departures from the book for me were the following:

  1. The Seekers – First of all they wear white instead of black, which I guess kind of makes sense but I think that while Wanderer’s seeker was great, the rest of the seekers were too much like the other souls. There should have been more of a difference in my opinion.


  2. How Wanderer/Melanie end up in the desert – Yep. Just completely different from the book, although I don’t think it was a bad adjustment. Not good either but definitely not bad. I get why they made the change for the movie. It created another action sequence in a movie that honestly could have seriously lacked action.
  3. The way the souls are removed – Okay, this was kind of bothersome for me. The way that they explain it in the book makes so much more sense. The movie simply just made no sense. How would the soul sense anything about the emotional climate around it when it is supposed to be cut off from its senses without a host? Makes no sense at all. The only thing that make sense is that it can feel physical touch and that there is a way to get to respond instinctively that would allow for removal.
  4. The choice for Wanda post-removal – The actress they chose to play Wanda was interesting because I honestly don’t think that she’ll give her the same emotional quality that Saoirse Ronan did but I’m sure they’ll find some way of explaining that away if it becomes a problem.

Soul Flight

The movie was definitely not bad though. I LOVED the fact that they left the ending alone and stopped where the book does in order to leave it open for a sequel. (If Stephenie Meyer ever gets it written). I wasn’t sure about the choices for actors but after seeing the movie, I think they made wonderful choices. While this story doesn’t quite have the magic of the Twilight series, it has a depth that Twilight is completely missing. Definitely worth checking out while it is still in the theaters.


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