Book Review: Prodigy

Book: Prodigy
Author: Marie Lu
Recommend: Yes but be prepared for the pain-fest that is this book…

Note: This review was written while on cold medicine….

I loved Legend. It was amazing. Then to find out that she based it on one of my favorite stories of all time and yet it was so subtle that I didn’t catch it at first – amazing. I may have done a bit of a happy dance when I saw the email to tell me that this was available and waiting for me at the library last week. It didn’t matter that I was staying across town for the week. I drove and picked it up.

When I finally had time to get into it, I thought it would be one of those devour it in one sitting kind of books. I was wrong. So very wrong. I had to put this one down – often – in order to get through it. Don’t get me wrong, it was a good read and I applaud the author for going a completely different direction than any of her readers would ever have imagined – period. However, this book was painful. It was more realistic than most but still an extremely painful read.

I honestly wanted to reach through the pages a few times and slap some sense into the two main characters all while understanding why they were making the infuriating choices they did. Yep. Not one to read unprepared.

Not much more I can without spoiling the whole plot so, yah – in the words of Scar from the Lion King, “Be Prepared!”

Final Rating:

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