Top Ten Tuesday: Books I HAD to have… but haven’t read yet.

Top Ten TuesdaysThis is my personal list of shame. I simply had to have these books and get them read. Yet, for some reason, they are still sitting on my shelves. I haven’t touched them at all. They were bought with the best of intentions and I still plan on reading them but somehow – they are still waiting to be read.

1. The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield – I must admit that the reason I picked this up was due to the fact that I read a fan fiction based on this book and  something else. I thought the story line was very interesting and so I picked it up. I’ve had it in my bag, it has taken trips with me, and yet, I simply haven’t gotten there yet. Maybe someday…

2. The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova – I have read her second book, after buying her first and never reading it. I still have it sitting on my shelves, just waiting to be read. However, all it is doing is sitting there – doing nothing. I think I may have even read a few pages once. I loved The Swan Thieves so much that I picked up a copy so I could read it again after having checked it out from the library. I really need to get to this one.

3. Outlander by Diana Gabaldon – I have had this series recommended to me time and time again. One of my good friends has raved about this book. I bought said book. I haven’t read said book. Not much more to it than that.

4. The Maze Runner series by James Dashner – I’ve checked these out from the library, more than once. I have yet to read any of them.

5. Insurgent by Veronica Roth – I’ve got it. I loved the first book. So excited about reading it. Haven’t read it yet. I think that I love having it sitting there waiting to be read. I know I’ll love it. I just can’t bring myself to read it – yet. I know I’ll get there soon.

6. The First Confessor by Terry Goodkind – I know right? Considering how much I rave about this author, it is a bit shocking that there is something on my list of things I haven’t ready yet by this wonderful writer. I simply haven’t gotten there yet.

7. Reached by Ally Condie – I was so excited about this book. I think I dread the idea that it’s over which is why I’ve been avoiding it.

8. The Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare – One of my favorite authors and yet her book is sitting on my shelves untouched. Honestly it’s simply because all I want to do right now is reread the first three books. I don’t think anything can match the angst that pours from those pages.

9. The Map of the Sky by Felix J. Palma – Sitting there in my dusty waist-high stack of new books waiting to be read.Yep. Still haven’t read it.

10. A Song of Fire and Ice by George R. R. Martin – No excuses. I know.

I often tell myself that I need to read all my library books so I can tackle these books. I’m never able to get to the bottom of my library pile before I break down, go in and find new things to read. I think I need to put a halt to all library visits until I tackle some of these… we’ll see if I’m successful.



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2 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Books I HAD to have… but haven’t read yet.

  1. Insurgent is really popular today. It’s taking me till now to finally start Reached too, I’m enjoying it so far, hope you get time to reading some of them soon

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