Book Review: The Aviator’s Wife

Book: The Aviator’s Wife

Author: Melanie Benjamin

Recommend: It was definitely an interesting read.

I have seen so much press on this book due to the author and subjects. When I got an ARC, I was happy to read and review it for my blog. I only knew the bare bones about the Lindberghs and hoped that it would make me want to learn more about them.

Unlike most books about the Lindberghs, this one focuses on Anne. Starting with meeting her husband and following their lives together including the horrific kidnapping of their oldest son and the Nazi sympathizer scandals, this book follows their lives through an imagining of her life based on historical information.

The writing is wonderfully lyric and powerful. The details are well balanced. The author takes some license with the work but never strays so far that it renders the book inaccurate.  The more difficult parts of their history is handled well.

Definitely worth a read but not the most phenomenal thing I’ve read this year.

Final Rating:

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Get it free


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