Book Review: Feedback

Book: Feedback

Author: Robinson Wells

Recommend: It was a good sequel. Good but not amazing.

This is the sequel to Variant and was a very good read. The whole idea of such a huge experiment where there is a widespread experiment that attempts to replace people with robots is interesting to begin with but the way that the fight back and the fact that the people are stuck in the robots’ heads makes the whole thing interesting. Add in the chips that can shut down the human subjects connected to the robots and the whole thing becomes rather eerie.

While the story line was unique, I would say that writing isn’t very strong. The first book had stronger characters and their choices made more sense. In this book the characters seemed to be making choices that forwarded the plot instead of what would make the most sense for the character.

A good read but nothing to write home about.

Final Rating:

Get it used...

Get it used…


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