Book Review: Crewel

Book: Crewel

Author: Gennifer Albin

Recommend: Wow… what a great book!

Have you ever had a book captivate you so completely that you lost complete touch with where you are and how long you’ve been sitting still reading? That happened to me at the library today. Normally I can sit for a little bit and go through my selections a bit to make sure I actually want to take everything home that I’ve picked out. Today I got to the second book and the next thing I know, I’ve finished, it’s dark outside and the librarian is barking out that the library will be closing in fifteen minutes looking at me pointedly since I am literally the only one still sitting there, oblivious to things like people wanting to go home. So I took two more minutes, bought the book on nook and stumbled towards the self check out, knocking over some carts on the way. Hurray for being a klutz! Never have I been so glad to get out of the library…

A plot summary is going to be difficult but I’ll give it a try. I highly doubt it will do the book justice because I didn’t want to read it after reading the plot summary the first time either, so keep an open mind about this one. Adelice is almost through her testing when the unthinkable happens. She lets her gift at weaving slip. Instantly she knows what is coming. She is going to be a Spinster and there is nothing she can do to stop it. When her family tries to get her out, it just makes everything more complicated. The only reason she is allowed to live is that her gift is so much more than that of a simple weaver. She is a creweler and she might even be the next world shaper. Unfortunately for them, it is the last thing she ever wants to be.

I loved this book. It was well written, moved quickly but developed the characters nicely and explained the weaving aspect well without getting to technical and boring. The main character actually acts like a teenager some of the time. While there is a love story it is not the main focus of the book and she thinks for herself. The world is creative and the idea of everything being fabric is a refreshing and new idea.

The only issue I had with this book seems to be cropping up more often in teen fiction and that seems to be almost mandatory inclusion of a homosexual character. Please just stop trying to indoctrinate young adults that this is okay by including it in everything they read. Let them form their own opinion instead of being brainwashed by print propaganda about their plight. This type of thing is what causes parents to want to censor their child’s reading material and then they get upset because they really want to read it and it turns into a huge mess when they sneak behind their parents’ back and do it anyway. Or the parents end up having to read everything their teen is going to read with their teen  or pre-teen (cause let me tell you how often I find my 10 year old students carrying around YA books) so they can discuss it with them. I will say that this author doesn’t hit you over the head with it but it is definitely there and prominent enough that I minded as an adult reader. That issue aside though, it was a great book.

I’m going to be watching for book two of this series to make its appearance with bated breath!

Final Rating:

Need more than one copy!!

Need more than one copy!!


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