Book Review: Every Day

Book: Every Day

Author: David Levithan

Recommend: This one is not for everyone…

I picked up this book because the plot was just too interesting to pass by. What if you changed who you were everyday? What if you woke every morning in a new body but only stayed there for one day and you had lived that way all of your life? How would you deal with the lack of permanence in your life and what would happen if you fell in love? Such an original plot with an intriguing idea. I had to read it.

The book was a good read. The characters were rich and had depth. They were complex and had a lot to consider. Both main characters grew substantially in their quest to somehow be together. I knew that the ending would probably not be a happy one however I loved it. A is so selfless in his love for Rhiannon. However, I had some serious issues with this book as well.

I think the biggest problem I had with this book was it’s obviously pro-homosexuality stance. While the author wasn’t quite shoving it down your throat, it was very clear that it should be thought of as normal. The author is missing something huge. While we should love everyone, not all love is the same and the author seems to think it is. There are other major morality issues as well. The female main character is cheating on her boyfriend and A is forcing each of these people to do things they might not want to do, only stopping at using a body for actual sex because the person was a virgin, but sleeping with someone nude was perfectly okay. While I recognize the difficulty of the main character’s situation, it still isn’t okay to use someone else’s body like that. The author could have written the same story while making different choices and it would have still had the same impact like putting A in male bodies only once he fell in love with Rhiannon or changing his emotional reaction to Rhiannon when A is in a female body. As a Christian, I can’t recommend this one because of this issue.

While it was a good read, it definitely had some morality issues that might make a lot of people avoid this one.

Final Rating:

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