Book Review: Beautiful Redemption

Book: Beautiful Redemption

Authors: Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Recommend: Not really. I only read it because I figured since I’d read the first three I might as well finish out the series.

I find nothing more annoying than when they take a fantasy book too far. How do you know if a book has gone too far? When you follow a character into the afterlife. This plot line should never be – ever, unless for some reason you are one the greats and I’m not talking about the characters in the book.

I really felt like there were so many issues with the magic system in this book. Limits that shouldn’t have been there and places where the use of magic should have happened but no one seemed to think of it. I liked the main characters but I felt like the world development was so weak that it became extremely annoying. I also would say that the reunion scene that everyone knows is coming from the beginning of the book was rather anti-climatic.

While there were some strong points, the flaws got in the way.

Final Rating:

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