Book Review: The Always War

Book: The Always War

Author: Margaret Peterson Haddix

Recommend: Eh. It was alright and not a long-term commitment…

I found the concept interesting even though I think I’ve read everything dystopian that is possible lately. I am addicted, hoping to find something outstanding. This wasn’t it. Now mind you, this wasn’t bad. It was fast, interesting and had decent characters but it just lacked that pizzazz to make it really good. I wouldn’t be upset if I had bought this but I don’t think I’ll be purchasing this one anytime soon. If there was another book, I would read it but it would be another library pick up.

The basic idea is a war that seems to have gone on for forever. No one can remember a time before the war and it seems that there will be no time after it. When a war hero runs away and finds out that things are not what they seem, how will the world handle a sudden change in reality?

Basically Ender’s Game meets every other dystopian novel ever written. It made me want to pull out my Orson Scott Card again 🙂

Final Rating:

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Get it free

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