Book Review: Crown of Embers

Book: Crown of Embers

Author: Rae Carson

Recommend: Read the first one, The Girl of Fire and Thorns first. This one is just as amazing as the first.

Okay, I wasn’t going to publish a review this soon but I finished this book and just HAD to share. I had read the first one in this series a couple of weeks ago and tried to force myself to wait to read this one because I knew there was nothing else after it – yet and I knew the author would leave me practically panting for more. She did and I am now very frustrated that the next book isn’t available yet.

This follows Elisa attempting to run a country on her own, holding it until such a time that Rosario could come of age and rule in his father’s place. Elisa is quickly urged to remarry for the good of the kingdom. An alliance is needed to solidify her power. Meanwhile she is in danger again from an unknown force. When she must choose between what she believes is right and what she desires, how will she balance her responsibility with what she really wants?

I love the depth of this character. I also enjoy the full high fantasy aspect of these books.  This series is definitely something to check out.

Final Rating:

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