Book Review: Underworld

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Book: Underworld

Author: Meg Cabot

Recommend: Definitely worth reading. Better than the first book!

After reading the first book in this series, I had to know what happened next and so I requested book two from the library. More often than not, the second book in a series is not a strong. There are many reasons for this including a much shorter time to write it, using something to prolong the story or the introduction of a poorly planned love triangle. This book however, suffers from none of these things and while it isn’t the strongest bit of writing I’ve ever read, this is a big step up from the creator of Princess Mia.

A modern retelling of the story of Persephone, this story follows Pierce as she tries to save her cousin from school bullies who place him in a life threatening situation. As she tries to help her cousin she learns more about her situation in the Underworld and who John really is.

I think the writing was far better in this book and the plot clipped along at a good pace. Overall, it was a much stronger read than the first book. At one point I wanted to shout at the main character like the dumb girl in every horror movie you’ve ever seen that goes into the scary house instead of calling for help and waiting outside. Yep. She has not one but two big moments where she is really that clueless. I mean does she not know the story of Persephone at all?

There were a couple of plot points in here that were a little too lame to be real and while the writing was better, I wanted more insight and detail than the author gave.

While this was a much better read than the first books, it still wasn’t among my favorites.

Final Rating:

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