Book Review: Michael Vey: The Prisoner in Cell 25

Book: Michael Vey: The Prisoner in Cell 25

Author: Richard Paul Evans

Recommend:  This is a great boy book or a great anyone book who is sick of moody girly romances

The cover of this one got to me. I kept picking it up and would put it back down because I just didn’t think it was something I would like. Finally, I picked it up from the library. I got buried somewhere in my room and has been missing for weeks. I just found it and decided that it had to be the next book I read. I’m glad I read it.

Michael is an average kid who has to deal with normal kid things like bullies, loving a girl who has no idea he exists and trying to survive his Freshmen year of high school. Michael has a couple of things that separate him from the crowd. He has Tourette’s syndrome and can electrocute people at will. When a powerful company is after him to try to replicate his power, Michael is running to save the lives of everyone he cares about.

This is a great refreshing read directed at boys. There is so much YA out there for girls, I’m happy to see more boy books making their appearance in the genre. Teenage boys like to read too and should have available literature for them.

Definitely worth checking out 🙂

Final Rating:

Get it used…


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