Book Review: That Hideous Strength

Book: That Hideous Strength

Author: C.S. Lewis

Recommend: This feels very different from the first two. I think the only people who are going to like this one are die-hard Lewis fans.

After the first two books, I was expecting another planet and another strange experience. What I got was a conflict on earth between two different groups, trying to control the world. In the middle of the mess is a married couple, one on each side of the conflict. Ransom makes his appearance again, this time as a Pendragon, with the appearance of Merlin. This twist of plot felt very much like he had been spending far too much time with his friend Tolkien and had lost his science fiction focus.

I think the problem with this series in general, and the reason it is not more popular is that Lewis spends far too much time on philosophy and too little time on the action. The impact of the action is lost within the rhetoric. While I typically enjoy Lewis and his writing, this trilogy just wasn’t an engaging read for me.

Final Rating:

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2 responses to “Book Review: That Hideous Strength

  1. The first book I read in the series was “Perlandra.” I found the avoid-the-Fall discussion to be fascinating. I also like “Out of the Silent Planet.” I couldn’t finish this one, though. It’s got some pretty disturbing, weird things in it. I think that’s partly because Lewis is presenting Earth as a planet occupied by “the Enemy.” Also, this book is about the married couple and only follows Ransom’s story as a shoot off of the protagonists’ story. Still love the first two; maybe I’ll try this one again.

    • I honestly just wasn’t a huge fan of the series. I thought some of the topics were rather interesting but for the most part, I simply didn’t think these books were at the same level as the rest of his writing…

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