Book Review: The Girl of Fire and Thorns

Book: The Girl of Fire and Thorns

Author: Rae Carson

Recommend: I am surprised to say yes!

I have been avoiding this one. A lot. I have had it checked out from the library since the summer. The cover just made me not want to read it. The synopsis also made me really not want to get into it. I picked it up right after abandoning something by an author I normally enjoy and was pleasantly surprised when I got right into it and quickly found that I couldn’t put it down!

Elisa is a princess by birth and a chosen one. She is being married to someone she doesn’t know to solve a political problem. While the plot sounds so typical it seems like a pointless read, the book was incredibly engaging and great reading. Elisa is the character that makes the book work simply because she isn’t any of the stereotypical female lead characters that are rampant in teen literature. It made for a refreshing reading experience.

While this is not the next Anna Karenina, it was a great read and was good enough for me to get dressed on a Saturday and go straight to the library to get the next one.

Final Rating:

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